Press Clipping
Benji Kaplan/Rita Figueiredo: Benji & Rita

Rita Figureiredo supplies the nasal’d voice and lyrics, Benji Kaplan does the composing, guitar and some voice and with a wide ranging collection of strings, woodwinds and percussion take you on a roller coaster of Brazilian avant garde.

The most traditional sounds come on the pretty samba “Nao Armo No Moco” with lithe guitar pulsations. Beyond that you get dreamy flute and clarinet with elliptical voice on “Sao Francisco e Brasileiro,” puffy reeds on a haunting “Piocera” and muted trumpet on an artsy “Memorial Day.” Loose pulses go back and forth between lyrics by the pair on “Santa Efigenia” and the pair gets bluesy on the angular “Swing Do Jazz.” Brazilian bohemia.