Press Clipping
Benji & Rita

Created and performed by Benji Kaplan and Rita Figueiredo, Benji & Rita is an album of arranged music inspired by classic songs from the couple's homelands in New York and Brazil. Both Portuguese lyrics are present in this showcase of the best of both music worlds. Rich, emotional, and adventurous, Benji & Rita is a unique treat for multicultural album connoisseurs! The tracks are "Sao Francisco e brasileiro", "Piocera", "Memorial Day", "Valsa da metropole", "Zenite e Nadir", "Santa Efigenia", "Impetuosa atracao", "Swing do jazz", "Cajubim", "Nao armo no moco", "Passatempo", "Bryant Park", "Lundu dos orixas", and "A moura do maracaxa".